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Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

This selection of Indiana hiking trails guidebooks is as up-to-date and inclusive as is possible or practical. Where there are more than one edition of a particular book available, only the current edition has been included. Some vintage Indiana hiking trails guidebooks that are so outdated as to be useless, or for which no meaningful content description can be located, have been excluded.

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Hiking Trails Guidebooks

Hiking Indiana

This is a complete guide to the best day hiking trails in Indiana. No matter what part of the state you want to explore or how easy or hard a trek you want, this handy book will lead you to the right trail. Full of interesting and scenic destinations in the northern, central, and southern sections of the state, Hiking Indiana offers you a guided tour of 46 featured areas. The book even provides urban hiking areas in case you want to enjoy Indiana's unique cities. Provided are detailed descriptions of 100 trails, including the trail length, estimated time to hike it, and a difficulty rating; easy-to-read park and trail maps; a map of each featured trail, with points of interest and trail distances; and a convenient trail-finder grid, which provides a summary of each trail's features and location in the book.

Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

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Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

Hiking Indiana: A Guide to the State's Greatest Hiking Adventures

This second edition of Hiking Indiana adds several new trails to the choice selection in this guide. It points readers to the often-overlooked trove of natural treasures across the Hoosier State, from the living sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan to the glacial lakes of the northeast to the rugged topography of the southern hill country. * Hikes suited to every ability. * Accurate directions to popular as well as less-traveled trails. * Up-to-date trail descriptions with mile-by-mile directional cues. * Detailed trail maps and GPS coordinates. * Difficulty ratings, average hiking times, and best hiking seasons for each hike. * Trail Finder for best hikes with dogs, children, great views, or wildlife viewing. * Information on fees and permits, contacts, events and attractions, restaurants and accommodations, canine compatibility, and more. * Zero-impact and wilderness safety tips and techniques.

Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

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Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

Nature Walks in Southern Indiana

Nature Walks in Southern Indiana describes over 200 nature outings ranging from gentle short walks to challenging overnight backpack trips. Whether a veteran or novice hiker, this comprehensive guide leads the way through a varied Midwest landscape blessed with an array of hiking opportunities. It is conveniently divided into three natural regions plus the Hoosier National Forest. Some of Indiana's most precious wild areas are included. In addition, nature outings into nearby areas include scenic areas of Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and the cities of Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville. Author Alan McPherson has personally hiked and experienced the outings and trails in this valuable source book, which includes detailed capsule headings, trail descriptions, easy-to-follow maps and supplementary photos.

Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

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Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

Wild Indiana

Wild Indiana is a guide to more than one hundred and fifty of the Hoosier State's best outdoor destinations. It may be hard to believe, but there really are sand dunes, prairies, old growth forests, and other natural wonders left in Indiana. This book will show you how to get to those places, and tells you what to expect once you arrive. Wild Indiana contains more than 160 maps and 65 illustrations. Each destination entry includes GPS coordinates, detailed driving instructions, references, and a short narrative description. Author Michael Habeck has been traipsing around Indiana for more than twenty years. During that time he has explored every destination in this book (and many others), most of them repeatedly. Wild Indiana is a compendium of his favorites. He hopes that it will help you enjoy visiting natural Indiana as much as he has.

Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

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Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

Dune Country: A Hiker's Guide To The Indiana Dunes

In this revised edition of Dune Country: A Hiker's Guide to the Indiana Dunes, author Glenda Daniel includes guides to the fifteen miles of new trails added to the National Lake Shore, which cover a variety of terrains - the dunes along the lake and inland along rivers, old dunes and marshlands. This edition also has more than 75 drawings as well as maps and guides to over 45 miles of hiking trails in both the National Lake Shore and Indiana Dunes State Park.

Indiana Hiking Trails Guidebooks

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